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Why Choose Intrinsic Straws

Why choose Intrinsic Paper Straws?


Our straws are made from sustainably sourced materials which are biodegradable, thus offering a real eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic straws.

Food Safe

All our printing inks are DFC (Direct Food Contact) approved and are compliant with BfR, EU (1935/2004, 10/2001) and US (FDA) regulations.

Long Lasting

Designed to deliver outstanding drink performance, ensuring shape and integrity of straw is retained for many hours and not fall apart instantly.

Sip in Comfort

Product aesthetics (inc. touch / feel) carefully selected in order to create a premium drinking straw that looks great and comfortable on your lip.


Whether it be fizzy drinks, smoothies, milkshakes or cocktails, our paper straws are fully functional for use with various cold beverages.

Reduced Impact

Paper is a natural fibre that disintegrates much more quickly than plastic, thus reducing their impact on the World around us.

Our certifications

Intrinsic Paper Straws is committed to achieving best practice, by constantly looking to improve its processes, products and services through memberships and accreditations from leading industry bodies and standards.

Our chain of custody certification is how the Forest Stewardship Council® traces FSC® certified material throughout the supply chain from source to consumer. FSC® certified products are available upon request.

Our BRCGS Packaging Materials certification confirms that our premises, plant, systems, and procedures have been independently assessed, and our products are quality assured, legally compliant, and authentic.

ISO 14001: 2015 Logo

Awarded ISO 14001:2015 certification for implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) that meets the required global standards for identifying, measuring, and controlling our environmental impacts, such as resource consumption and waste.

Made in Britain isn’t just a label, it is a symbol of quality, pride and tradition. It was established to promote British manufacturing to bring together businesses who are committed to upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship and sustainability.

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