brcgs certification checklist

Intrinsic awarded BRCGS certification

We are delighted to announce that we have passed our BRCGS (Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standard) audit for Packaging Materials with flying colours.

BRCGS is an internationally recognised benchmark for managing product safety, integrity, legality, quality, and operational controls in the food, food ingredient, manufacturing, processing, and packaging industries.

brcgs packaging materials certificated

During the two-day audit process, our premises, plant, systems, and procedures were all thoroughly assessed against the requirements of the Standard (Issue 6), carried out by an external certification body, QA International Certification Limited.

By achieving BRCGS certification, the company has demonstrated it is upholding the highest standards, ensuring quality, compliance, and authenticity. The scope of our certification covers the flexographic printing, slitting, winding, and wrapping of paper to produce plain and printed paper straws in boxed or bagged format for use in food and beverage products (contact).

Managing Director, Paul Rigby, said, “The BRCGS standard is one of the most rigorous certification schemes for food safety within our industry. Being awarded this accreditation is a fantastic achievement for the company and a testament to the ongoing work and commitment of the entire team.”

“At Intrinsic, we treat each day as if there is an audit, as we strive to push the boundaries for quality control and safety standards across the business at all times. The BRCGS is constantly evolving and drives continual improvements, so we always need to be ready to adapt and improve to achieve the highest standards of excellence.”

BRCGS announced audits occur at least annually to ensure businesses are strictly adhering to the required standards, but unannounced audits may take place at least once every three years.

Karl Lee, Director, added, “Compliance with BRCGS is now often a fundamental requirement of leading brand owners, retailers, manufacturers, and quick-service restaurants when assessing the capabilities of their suppliers. It inspires customers’ confidence and trust knowing that the processes and production values we employ are of the highest quality, all the way from sourcing raw materials to delivery of paper straws.”

“Following the news of our successful BRCGS audit, we are very much looking forward to the growth opportunities that lie ahead for paper straw products, as well as further building customer relationships worldwide.”

FSC and PEFC certified

FSC and PEFC audits passed

What audits have Intrinsic recently passed?

We are pleased to announce that Intrinsic Paper Straws has passed its audits for FSC and PEFC, as part of a multi-site Chain of Custody certification to cover all businesses within Mail Solutions Group.

For many years each site has effectively operated separate FSC and PEFC certifications, but after reviewing our renewal options the company decided to apply for a multi-site certification model to centralise administration and control functions bringing various efficiencies and cost benefits. The renewed certifications will be valid for 5 years with the company subject to annual independant audits to ensure compliance.

Natalia Swiercz, Accreditations Coordinator said, “A lot of hard work has been going on behind the scenes to integrate the various frameworks operated across the business into a single multi-site model covering straws, envelopes and print. To finally complete this transition is a welcome milestone and all being well the management of our FSC and PEFC certifications will be more streamlined going forward.”

“The company remains committed to its environmental responsibilities and we continue to work on a range of sustainability projects designed to reduce our carbon footprint within our own operations and value chains.”

So what is FSC?

FSC stands for The Forest Stewardship Council, which is an international certification and a labelling system. This guarantees that the paper you purchase comes from sources that are responsibly managed and controlled forests that are also verified. The certification allows FSC to track FSC-certified products to be tracked from the start of the source to where the consumer receives it, this can be also used to make sure our forests are healthy during the production of paper. This is done by FSC’s chain of custody, making sure all FSC-certified material stands by the regulations by following all documentation including delivery notes and invoices throughout the production process.

So what is PEFC?

The Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization. It is dedicated to promoting management of sustainable forests, which is done through third-party certification. It works throughout the forest supply chain to ensure that forest products are produced with the environment in mind and respect is remained for ecological, social and ethical standards.

Tembo Straw Machine

Gearing up for growth

Intrinsic Paper Straws are delighted to announce that it is expanding its production site and facilities as part of a major investment to support its long-term growth ambitions.

Already, work on the extension is well underway, including redevelopment of existing units, with the project expected to be completed by the end of April 2022 in readiness for the installation of a new high speed paper straw machine.

Supplied by Tembo Paper, the new production line utilises the latest paper spiralling technology, which combines quality and convenience of production with sustainability. The manufacturing process is designed to ensure each paper straw produced is of the highest quality, while adhesives and other external ingredients are kept to a minimum. Therefore, the end product is sustainable, biodegradable, and free from chemicals that may affect taste and safety.

Managing Director, Paul Rigby said, “This initial significant expenditure is part of a multi-million pound investment strategy to transform the group. It will fuel further growth as customers increasingly turn to paper straws to replace plastic. There currently isn’t the capacity to cope with demand, so the decision to invest was a straightforward one as it will go a long way to reducing the supply shortfall.”

“Before committing to Tembo we did our due diligence on a variety of straw production machines available on the market, but soon realised that the Tembo machine was the standout option for our business. The order was placed last year with a six-month lead time due to the large and complex nature of the machine, and is all on track for it to be installed at our site in May and a target of being fully operational by June.”

This latest investment comes on the back of four paper straw machines purchased in early 2021 in response to the surge in demand for sustainable alternatives largely created by the ban on single use plastic. Alongside the extra machines, the introduction of new shift patterns and extended operational hours has enabled the company to substantially increase output.

Sales Director, Karl Lee added, “The Tembo machine is a seriously impressive bit of kit and could be considered a game changer for the UK straw market, as it will be the first machine of its type in the country. The machine alone will significantly increase our capacity and give us greater scope and flexibility to service B2B, B2C, and especially large volume work.”

“However, we are not just focusing our efforts on producing volume. We recognise that customers want a quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly product that performs across a variety of beverages and the Tembo machine will still enable us to achieve these goals. Even though our machine is still being assembled at the factory in Europe, we are working with Tembo on a variety of trials to ensure that everything from the materials used to the final product meets the high standards that customers come to expect.”

Paper Straw Capacity Tripled

Paper straw capacity tripled

Intrinsic Paper Straws are delighted to announce it has completed the purchase of four new paper straw production lines to cater for the surge in demand for its eco-friendly paper straws.

The additional lines will be installed by the end of April at our site in Telford, Shropshire, alongside a new straw wrapping machine and paper slitting machine to support the capacity expansion. The six-figure investment will significantly uplift output, productivity and flexibility for the company, so it can maintain with its growth strategy and ensure that capacity is available to service new and existing clients wanting high quality straws.

Group Sales Director Karl Lee said, “The new investment is another significant and important milestone for the business, as it continues to grow its product portfolio, client base and operational capabilities. Despite the impact COVID-19 has had on many businesses, especially those in the HORECA sector, we are pleased with the progress we have made, winning some significant work across the UK and Europe. In addition, with the plastic ban coming into effect last October it has influenced both individuals and businesses to seek viable alternatives to plastic straws. As a result, many have turned to us for help with their straw requirements, as they want a proven product that is sustainable, environmentally friendly, made from food safe materials and performs across a variety of beverages.”

“Without a doubt 2020 has presented various challenges to us, but we are very excited by some of the opportunities we have in the pipeline for 2021, including our new retail and wholesale range, plus the ability to manufacture 4 ply paper straws for the market,” Karl added.